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Like a persistent golden thread in the roots and cultural tapestry of modern Britain, Dave Little’s genius lies in the detail. Look closely enough and you’ll see how the boy from South Shields was perfectly placed in selective pockets of time - to allow for the quality of his work to cut through and make a lasting impression.

Like an alchemist drawn to the twin peaks of popular culture, namely fashion and music, where he could channel his innate creativity and distil a myriad of influences into something quite spectacular and game-changing. 

He found himself designing arresting and divergent flyers and album covers that provided the backdrop to the nascent Acid House scene in the late 80s – he collaborated with Paul Oakenfold to create the mystical Balearic Eye focal point for the seminal Balearic Beats, Volume 1 masterpiece. A piece that now sits as a permanent feature in London’s V&A Museum.  Dave’s designs are now considered classics and representative of an era that broke the mould while he was in the eye of the storm.

Then in the 1990s, Dave teamed up with the great Japanese fashion innovator Michiko Koschino, to create the ‘ahead of its time’ streetwear ranges: Motor King, Pucka Clobber and the unforgettable 1930s influenced Golf King. Par for the course indeed.

Compelled to feed his creative urges Dave founded Rockers Delight, a clothing brand that marries tough leather and drill classics with strong graphic illustrations. Everyday capsule collections for men who live lives worth talking about. He does this through the careful construction of classic styles with uncommon details and using durable fabrics. It’s what we call “second-look tailoring” because when you appreciate the backstory, you lean in and take a closer look.

In a career that has been less as the crow flies and more like that of a floating bumblebee, Dave has followed his passions, collecting the nectar of inspiration that gives an inventive and directional skew to his designs. Pollinating ideas that lead to new pathways for people looking to express their individuality through the clothing that they wear.




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