Dave Little Design

Dave Little a designer of distinction.
Rhythm King 1989. Method: Airbrush and watercolour.

Dave has been a designer of distinction for three decades, working in an array of media…

 Music artwork: Designing seminal covers for dance pioneers such as Bomb The Bass, S-Express, Betty Boo and William Orbit, as well as flyers, sleeves and poster graphics for Paul Oakenfold, Terry Farley, Ian St John and Andrew Weatherall.

As a designer at the vanguard of an era defined by its arresting and innovative visuals, Dave's work can be found enshrined in the V&A museum.

Fashion: Collaborating with leading Japanese designer and   innovator Michiko Koshino on a number of the 1990s most  iconic ranges - Motor King, Pucka Clobba, Golf King and Puckettes.  Dave also created his own line of t-shirts - Volton Rock - incorporating Rock Skull iconography well before its mainstream appropriation.


Advertising: Working with some of Europe’s leading Advertising Agencies, on campaigns for brands such as Erickson Phones, V Festival, the Reading Festival and Pepsi.

 Fine art: Throughout his career, Dave's love for fine art has remained at the core of his work and he has continued to produce a number of personal commissions, which have hung in major galleries in London, Berlin, Rome and Paris.

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