Laced to perfection

“First you get the feeling, then you figure out why.”
― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Fashion is a feeling. A subtle appreciation of an article of clothing, a pair of shoes or an accessory, which tugs at the inner strings of our desire and prompts us into the action of acquiring. Some may consume fashion to fulfill a void in their emotional make-up but real connoisseurs are outliers on a constant quest to locate indelible quality and imbibe it into their worldly experience.

A rare quality that combines a compelling story of origination with painstaking craftsmanship that does not compromise in efforts to manifest a thing of beauty that touches perfection.

Someone who knows quality when he sees it, is Rockers Delight head honcho and man about town, Dave Little. Not only does Dave love a well-constructed work/biker boot but he will travel to the ends of the earth to locate it too.

Like a dog with a bone, Dave refused to let go as he continued his holy quest for the ‘Wireman’ boot, even when he was met at every turn with the dreaded 3-words that send a chill through the bones of every true fashion connoisseur…

‘Out of stock’!

His journey finally concluded in the land of the Rising Sun, when he got a Japanese-speaking friend to contact Sugar Cane in Tokyo to confirm they had his size and choice of colour. Quest completed… Dave is now the proud owner of a work of art which he can finally appreciate its form and absolute quality first-hand.

The Lone Wolf Wireman Boots take their inspiration from the North American ‘Wiremen’ of the 1930/40s period. A classic recreation of the boot-wear favored by the blue-collar workers, who had their heads in the clouds (quite literally) and their feet grounded in a functional and utilitarian construction that were as sturdy as the telephone poles they scaled.

Everything has been created with the original job in mind – such as the lace-to-toe style which allowed a more precise fit, which is pretty essential when you’re fifty feet up in the air and every step you make could be your last.

Not to be confused with the post-war Czechoslovakian military-inspired ‘Monkey’ Boot, the beautifully-ugly creation which went on to infiltrate the UK market and become a favorite of the skinhead bovver boys of late-1960s suburban Britain. Oi Oi!

In contrast, the Horween cow-hide glass-finish leather, stack-heeled, Goodyear Stormwelt soled with the famous Cat’s Paw, are solid proof that while trends can come and go… innate quality lasts forever.



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